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Holding holds expensive Christmas Party

Congressman-elect George Holding held a Christmas Party on Friday where guests brought some rather expensive gifts.

The “Christmas Victory Celebration,'' held at the Carolina Country Club asked for donations of $100, $250, $500, $500, $1,000 or $2,500.

The proceeds from the fund raiser were to be used to retire the debt from Holding's campaign.

Holding, a former U.S. Attorney and a Republican, raised and spent $1.6 million in winning the 13th congressional district seat in November. He had a campaign debt of $364,754, according to Opensecrets, the website that monitors campaign spending. Holding put $326,265 of his own money into the race, according to the website.


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Expensive how

RU suggesting that the campaign contributions were expensive? Did the compare w/George Clooney's 15K/plate dinners for the president? Do you think Holding will go from being with $1M to being worth $11M in 4 years like the current president? Do we think that Holding will double the debt in 4 years and then take a $20M taxPayer funded vacation like the most vacationed (and expensive vacationed) president (and don't even start on how often he takes the million dollar golf trips)? Just wondering.

I don't know Holding, I'm a Ron Paul guy ... but these comments are absolutely absurd based on who the commenters probably worship (likely agreeing with Jamie Foxx that BHO is their Lord and Savior).

how nice

Was the fundraiser part of the "I'm dreaming of an All-White Christmas" party there?

Was that event part of the

Was that event part of the "I'm dreaming of an all-white Christmas" party there?

What will The N&O call it when....

OK, now lets see what the N&O calls it when Dumplin' tries to retire her accumulated debts.... or any Democ politician.

Here's betting it won't be a snarky "rich people" quip.   But maybe.... :-)

Speaking of "retiring".... Robbie don't you want to go sit on a park bench w/ Stevie and Allen.  The three of you can whittle and gnash your teeth and make up nasty names for Repubs?


Poor little rich boy does no longer wants to spend his own money now that he has been elected.

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