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From right to far-right: Cross-section of conservatives makes fiscal cliff demands

Veteran North Carolina Republican political strategist Marc Rotterman, a senior fellow at the John Locke Foundation, is one of 38 prominent conservatives who have signed a petition making demands about the fiscal cliff negotiations.

They are calling for no net tax increase, no de-coupling of tax rates, real spending reductions, no two-step process that kicks the can down the road, and not increasing the debt limit without budget cuts and spending caps.

Some of the more prominent names on the list, which is meant to represent a cross-section of the right (all the way from right to far right): Edwin Meese III, the former U.S attorney general; Tony Perkins, Family Research Council; Gary Bauer, American Values; Richard Viguerie, direct-mail pioneer. Others represent Citizens United, the National Taxpayers Union, The Paul Revere Project, Tea Party Express, and the Coalition for a Conservative Majority.

The group is also asking that negotiations between the Congress and the president should be open to public scrutiny.


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Highly uninformed conclusion

In the U.K., the rich get taxed at upwards of 90%. Letting the tax cuts expire on the top 2% of Americans would simply raise their tax rates back to late 1990's levels -- when our economy was BOOMING and the wealthy were doing anything BUT leaving the country. It is ridiculous to think the rich face an undue tax burden in the U.S. Their rates are the lowest in the world for wealthy people and are ONE THURD of what they were 50 years ago.

Stop drinking the Kool-aid when it comes to tax rates for the wealthy. Forty years has shown us that trickle down economics does NOT work, not even a little, while history illustrates that the wealthy have enjoyed lower and lowerr taxes for five decades. It's time to bring their rates back in line with what is approproiate given all they get back from their government. God knows they have enough tax decuctions and loopholes to let them weasel out of paying their fair share. Let their rates rise to 1990 levels. It's no big deal.

Yes TAX the RICH

All that they will do is move and take THEIR money with them. Don't believe it just research what happened in the UK.

Tax the rich

It is time to bring the rich down to our level!  There should be no classes whatsoever.  No rich and no poor.  

List of conservative rascals and rogues

Wow! That's a creepy list indeed. What a bunch of phonies, hypocrites and rascals!

We can only hope they have not learned a thing by the election and will continue to froth at the mouth, blather, bubble nonsense and spin around on one foot further alienationg the rational, sane and sensible majority of Americans.

That way their inevitable fade into oblivion will be expeditied.


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