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Wake County judge avoided looking at Edwards sex tape

In case you missed it, an interesting anecdote from Anne Blythe's story about Wake County Superior Court Judge Abe Jones' retirement: "A broad smile stretches across his face as he talks about the role he played in the lawsuit filed by Rielle Hunter, the mother of former presidential candidate John Edwards’ youngest child, against Andrew Young, his former aide.

The infamous sex tape was part of that case. Jones said he refused to watch the tape to make sure it was the real thing. Instead he asked two female lawyers to watch it for him — one from each side — and index the important parts.

“I just didn’t want to do it,” Jones said. “I sometimes see him socially. I would feel like I was in his bedroom.”


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New lows

The N&O, once again, stoops low to entertain.  What ever happended to real reporting.  I guess that went out the window with the real reporters that McClatchy let go. 

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