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State drops death by vehicle charges against Womble

Charges against state Rep. Larry Womble related to a deadly car crash last December have been dropped, according to the Winston-Salem Journal .

Womble, a nine-term Democrat from Forsyth County, had been charged with a misdemeanor after being involved in a crash that caused the death of David Allen Carmichael and seriously injured the retiring nine-term legislator.

The N.C. Attorney General's special prosecution unit previously said Womble had crossed the centerline into oncoming traffic, but The Journal reports the facts of the case are too uncertain for the state to build a case:

Steven M. Arbogast, a prosecutor with the N.C. Attorney General’s Office, filed dismissal papers Monday in Forsyth District Court. According to the document, Arbogast said that he is dismissing the charge against Womble because “continuing investigation of the charged offense has developed additional facts and information such that the State does not believe it can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“A burden has been lifted so I can concentrate 100 percent on my recovery,” Womble said, according to The Journal.


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seems pretty clear cut to me

Wombly failed to maintain lane control for whatever reason and caused the death of another human.

“continuing investigation of the charged offense has developed additional facts and information"

I would like to see the additional facts and information as well as the police incident report and all notes, photos be made public.
N&O Time for you to go to work and publish this information the VICTIMS family and the taxpayers have a right to know!

Oh yeah!

One democrat covering for another.....North Carolina democrats belong in jail, not public office............don't fret won't be long before the republicans will be in the same boat. Career politicians breed corruption and them out of office or they and their cronies either die in or retire from public office.....option one win....option lose.

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