Under the Dome

A trio of Democrats who might lead them from the wilderness

Whither, N.C. Democrats?

For the most part, the state’s Democratic candidates were knocked back on their heels by the Nov. 6 election. That followed a legislative session in which the GOP pretty much got most of what it wanted, and scandal at the party headquarters.

Is there hope for Democratic leadership? Veteran Democratic politico Gary Pearce thinks so. In the blog he shares with conservative Carter Wrenn, Talking About Politics (, Pearce recently named three  leaders to watch:

Sen. Josh Stein of Raleigh, who became minority whip after only two years in office. “Has vision and proven, practical political skills,” Pearce writes. And he has raised more than any other Democrat in the General Assembly in this election cycle: more than $400,000.

Rep. Deborah Ross of Raleigh, already one of the minority whips in the House with a decade of persistence behind her. “Hard-working, smart and tough,” is the squib on her. She’ll be thrust into the spotlight with Minority Leader Joe Hackney’s departure from the legislature.

Sen. Eric Mansfield of Fayetteville. He was a key player in the “tort reform” battles and he raised his own profile with a run – albeit unsuccessful – for lieutenant governor. “Great resume – doctor, minister and soldier.”


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I feel very, very sorry for you

I truly do -- your post made me so sad. It is terribly sad to think that you go through life thinking that uplifting others somehow tears you down. I'm so sorry you see life that way. It must be awful. What a heavy burden you must carry around. I can't think of what made you turn out that way, but whatever it was -- I'm sorry. 

Anthony Foxx

I am curious why this blog post doesn't include Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx, whom Pearce mentioned in his original blog post (and reiterated today)

Leftward, ho!

The rise of the liberal Senator Stein and the liberal Representative Ross represents the state Democratic legislative caucus's shift to the left, which the Republican redistricting has accelerated.

To the contrary

I have found Mr. Jarvis to be smart, level-headed, and fair-minded.

And I'm not liberal either.


Jarvis could not find his backside with both hands.  He can't even get a story straight when he is given it on a silver platter.

Deborah has "a squib" ??

Deborah Ross (aka "Very Chatty Cathy") has her very own "squib" ??

A "squib" must be a very good thing to have or reporter cjarvis would not be telling us that Deborah has her very own.

Senator Stein

Senator Stein quoted in “The Independent”:

“I have a deep belief in the equality and fundamental dignity of every person. This belief was ingrained in me at an early age. My family moved to North Carolina forty years ago, just after I was born, so that my father Adam Stein could join with Julius Chambers to form North Carolina’s first integrated law firm. Their firm went on to win a number of pioneering civil rights cases. After college, I taught high school in Zimbabwe to veterans disabled during their war of liberation against the colonialists.”

For more background you can Google “Rape gangs targeting whites in Rhodesia.”  You can also Google, “the decline of public education in the United State is inextricably linked to the judiciary’s decision to…” or perhaps “academic genocide.”

Which is to say, Senator Stein, like his father before him, has made a career of, or at least a building block of that career, the dispossession if not demographic genocide of white people.   Yes, they profess to be acting out of universalist moral principals but a closer examination will expose the self-serving moral particularism of their endeavor.  Indeed, what better expression of moral consistency than for Senator Stein after college to have taught in one of the many North Carolina schools his father’s law firm turned into an academic wasteland back in the 60s and 70s—and not just teach there but live there.   Senator Stein had the option after college to improve the academic and social security of rural, marginalized school kids in his adopted state but chose instead the cosmopolitan Broadway of  teaching “veterans of a war of liberation against white colonialist in Rhodesia”—many of whom, as press reports demonstrate, returned with a vengeance to their ingrained habit of terror no sooner than class let out, going on to execute tortures on defenseless white families documented elsewhere but too horrible for me to discuss in this post.  I can imagine Trotsky being impressed.  But North Carolina voters?  And to the tune of $400,000?  Who are these people?   Trial lawyers?

Whoever you are, if you are reading this, I know you must really want me pegged:  “racist anti-Semite,” “Southern secessionist with segregationist sympathies,” whatever.  But consider:  I did not go to the West Bank or to Gaza to home school the so-called Palestinian “freedom fighters” or the orphans of suicide bombers, perhaps as my father bided this time in Tel Aviv with legal stunts to integrate Arabs into Israeli schools.   Why not?  Because I am morally consistent and prefer that neither a MacDonald--nor a Stein--be treated that way.  I am not self-deceived about the vengeance and potential mayhem that can lurk in my idealism.   Rather, I along with hundreds of other native North Carolinians chose to teach in one of Senator Stein’s father’s academic wastelands, helping people who deserved to be helped and being helped in return, though by no means in the character of $400,000 and counting.

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