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McCrory said he has concerns about health care exchange

Although Gov.-elect Pat McCrory was careful not to criticize Gov Bev Perdue, he said he personally would have preferred to wait for more information before deciding which model to choose to run the health care exchanges.

“She has every right to make that decision,” McCrory said in an interview Saturday. “But the decision is in flux with a new administration coming in and has the opportunity to change based on new information.''

“I don't think there is enough information for any governor to make a decision at this point in time,” McCrory said. “There are so many unanswered questions from the administration regarding the implementation, regarding the flexibility, regarding the waivers, regarding the Medicare costs. I think there are 35 questions that need serious clarification from the federal government. So I personally don't think any governor is in a position to make a decision on which exchange to implement.''

He said there is a strong concern among many governors, that state-run exchanges are state-run “in name only,” and that it would be controlled by the federal government with the state “taking on all the risks.''

“That raises a serious concern for me to implement the state-run program until those clarifications are made,” McCrory said. “I don't want to set up a failed system in the state that would be a tremendous burden on the taxpayers and on the Medicaid system and on a future bureucracy.''


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Not a lib

Or he could be waiting until he takes office.

Wait for more information

McCrory has to wait for Bank of America and Duke Energy to tell him what to do.

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