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Power in General Assembly shifts to western NC

Capstrat has created a series of maps to show the westward shift of power in the General Assembly. They illustrate the dramatic change in geographic distribution of legislative leadership and experience over the last four years.

"With the executive and legislative branches now solidly in Republican hands, geography could play a key role in battle lines over policy and budget," the group said in a blog post. The question for anyone with interests in the General Assembly – do you have support in these key geographic areas?"

The four areas of most significant change: Charlotte and points west; northeastern North Carolina; southeastern North Carolina and the border counties; central North Carolina.


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the more important trend is...

As CapStrat's terrific maps show, there's no doubt that political power has shifted west, which one would expect since that's where Republicans have the greatest advantage.

The other trend, though, is more important: the increasing concentration of power in the urban / suburban Piedmont crescent from metro Charlotte through the Triad to the Research Triangle.

Take a look for yourself.  The maps show visually what the politicos all know: Amid the reversal in partisan dominance, the state's political power is migrating gradually from rural to urban counties.

Each Census count and decennial redistricting (regardless of which party is in charge) accelerates the trend, which is inevitable given our state's growth patterns.

So, yes, political power has shifted westard.  But more important, it is concentrating in the more urban (and urbane) middle of the state, where more and more people live.

Meanwhile, the state's fastest-growing bloc of voters is unaffiliated -- typically fiscally conservative and socially moderate -- and they're moving to the same urban / suburban Piedmont counties.

These trends will have interesting policy implications for the coming decade, and might foreshadow the rise of a more moderate state Republican Party -- and a more liberal state Democratic Party.

Maybe the General Assembly power has shifted west but...........

.........down east we still got the Global Transpark.  We have soaked in enough pork on that one to be in high cotton until we start flying those hogs to China.  Or strawberries to Paris.  Or new cars to Los Angeles.  

Don't laugh, those were some of the "strategies" for the GTP.  

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