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Hagan completes 100-county listening tour

Sen. Kay Hagan held her 100th “Conversations with Kay” Tuesday morning, finishing a tour of all 100 counties that she began back in August 2009.

Her 100th was a constituent meeting held at the Dunn Community Center in Harnett County.

At each of the meetings, she has listened to constituent concerns involving the Social Security, the Veterans Administration and other federal agencies.“It's really an opportunity for me to listen to people in their counties, and understand their concerns,” Hagan said.

Overwhelmingly, Hagan said, the biggest complaint from citizens, is to do something about partisan gridlock. “People say, 'Please stop fighting.' That is why I am hopeful in heading back to Washington today now that the election is over to put that partisanship behind and really work on issues that are important to our country right now, in particular the fiscal cliff that is approaching December 31st,'' she said.

The other big issue is jobs. And one of the issues she is honing in is the mismatch between jobs and skills, that is leaving some jobs unfilled even with a high unemployment rate.

With one election cycle over, attention is now going to be on Hagan's re-election campaign in 2014. But Hagan didn't want to talk about it Tuesday.

“I think people are thrilled the election is over and they can go back to car commercials,” Hagan said. “So I think we will let that rest. There are lot of things on our plate right now.''


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Will Hagan/Burr vote against ?

the Cybersecurity bill ?

let them know your demands for that!!!

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