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And the winner of the Dome Election Pool is ...

The Dome Election Pool results are tallied. The winner: Raymond Shen.

Shen guessed 18 of 25 questions correctly -- one more point than 9 second place finishers. The tiebreaker -- President Barack Obama's popular vote percentage -- decided second place. The runner up: Jonathan Owens.

More than 150 people entered the Dome pool and only four people correctly guessed the electoral college margin. Thanks to everyone for participating. (*See notes on Florida  and recounts below.)

Other observations about the collective Dome political wagers: A vast majority thought President Barack Obama would win and take the popular vote. Almost everyone -- all but 34 people -- thought Mitt Romney would win North Carolina. But most thought it would be a paper-thin margin. Only seven picked a Walter Dalton upset against Pat McCrory. And McCrory easily beat the spread; most thought it would be closer.

Like the recount in the lieutenant governor's race, the entries were split on Dan Forest and Linda Coleman. Far more thought Mike McIntyre would win. And as for the bonus question: Patty Almond won the Mount Gilead mayor's race by 46 votes, besting the mayor's neighbor who claimed victory in an earlier contested election.

**Notes on the tally: Dome counted Florida for President Barack Obama and used the margin of victory as of 9 p.m. Wednesday. Also, we assumed Dan Forest and Mike McIntyre would hold their leads amid their respective recounts. (This may change -- but that's how we counted.)

Also, we cut Tom Jensen from the game. Public Policy Polling's chief pollster won on the tiebreak by a tenth of a percent over Shen. But we disqualified his entry because he won the May primary election pool. Jensen guessed the popular vote at 50.5 percent; Shen guessed 50.6 percent. Answer was 50 percent.

We apologize to Jensen though figure he's getting enough praise from others.

As for Dome scribes: we all finished middle of the pack.

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