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Samuelson announces bid for House GOP leader

Ruth Samuelson is making a bid for Republican leader in the N.C. House.

The Charlotte lawmaker emailed her colleagues Wednesday and asked for their support for majority leader. And if the caucus decides to split the two positions -- an unprecedented move to have two majority leaders -- Samuelson wants to take the "development" post that will put her in charge of strategic messaging, professional development and campaign fundraising.

"We had great success yesterday and I would like to continue to use that experience to make us stronger as a team," she wrote in the email.

The move makes sense for Samuelson, who currently serves as majority whip, a deputy to the GOP leader Paul "Skip" Stam, who is making a bid for the open post of speaker pro tem. It would also put her in a position to run for House speaker when Thom Tillis steps down in 2014 under self-imposed term limits.

She helped the caucus raise huge sums of money that enabled it to deliver a supermajority 77 members -- more than even Republicans expected. Republicans competed in 79 races and won all but two. Stam even said he thought they'd take just 75.

Samuelson didn't name a running mate, of sorts, who she would like to see in the other majority leader position, saying "I will serve with whomever you select." 

The House Republican Caucus will meet Nov. 17 to decide about its leadership structure and may pick its leaders at the same meeting. If not, the caucus will meet again in December. It's unclear who else may make a bid for the top posts but Reps. Tim Moore and David Lewis are two names floating in statehouse circles.


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She wants payback

... for being the token female shill on the anti-choice bill that crippled the right of women in NC to make their own decisions about pregnancy. Let's see if they follow through on the bargain they made and reward her. She's a well-groomed little lap dog, I must say.  

But the question is: do

But the question is: do Republicans want their governor, speaker of the house, and house majority leader to all be from Mecklenburg county?

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