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Pat McCrory requests a body guard

A day after his election, Pat McCrory is getting his own body guard.

The governor-elect requested a Highway Patrol executive security detail and Gov. Bev Perdue approved it. McCrory wouldn't normally receive body guard until taking office, but he is allowed to request it early, subject to approval.

Because he is not the state's chief executive for the next two months, the governor's office said McCrory will pay for the security detail with the transition money provided by the state legislature. Costs remain uncertain.

McCrory traveled the campaign trail in a Cadillac sedan drive by aide Morgan Beam. Now a state Highway Patrol trooper will drive him in a state car or SUV.


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Yeh Pat McCrory

taking the right decieson for his bodygurad bcause he was not more futhere working on Govt many people have different thing about his but i thing is doing great job.

Armstrong Security 


Seems like the outsider is sure settling himself into being an insider.  He wants all the trappings of power.  Wonder what he is afraid of?

Already wasting taxpayer money

Pat, stop wasting taxpayer money to feed your ego.

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