Under the Dome

Where are the Republicans?

Republican volunteers were scarce at voting sites today.

At four polling places in Raleigh today, reporters saw nobody from the Republican party or any Republican candidates greeting voters outside the voting stations. Clusters of Obama volunteers worked the crowds, handing voters cheat sheets of all the Democratic candidates.

At Leroy Martin Middle School on Ridge Road, Republican volunteers had dropped off a goodie bag of treats and stickers for their party's volunteers expected to work that station. By lunch time, no one had come to claim the bag or advocate for Republican candidates. A message left with the state party was not immediately returned.

One Republican volunteer was spotted at Olive Chapel Elementary -- of course, matched by a Democratic volunteer.

--Mandy Locke, staff writer


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Might want to give better instructions next time

Without the benefit of redistricting, your candidates seem to have failed badly. Did you forget to tell them to vote for President?


Oviously we were inside the polling booths voting for Republican candidates....not on the outside waving signs...that's where the Repubicans were.....making a difference where it counted.


we arent voting on the volunteers!

we are voting for FREEDOM over SLAVERY !!!

Well daggone John....

John John John... if I'da known you were going hunting for Repubs this AM I'da picked you up and shown you A BUNCH of'em all over Raleigh.  I was putting up signs at Jeffreys Grove School at 6:30 where MsAgentPierce has been all day.... LOTS of Paul Newby fans over there!

Of course "we" didn't have you and your present employer running free WE ARE DESPERATE FOR VOLUNTEERS Ads like you did for "your side".

You beat all John Frank.  You know that?  Howsa that confederate memorabilia hunting going these days Johnny?

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