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Forget 2012, Hagan readies for big 2014 U.S. Senate bid

Election Day 2012 isn’t even here yet, but some U.S. senators are already out planning fundraisers to pay for their 2014 re-election campaigns. Including North Carolina’s Kay Hagan.

The Washington Post reported last week that Democrat Hagan is having a “Holiday Reception in support of her re-election” on Dec. 11 at Fiola on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. Political action committees can attend by ponying up $5,000, according to the Post.

Her re-election bid is being closely watched as a number of Republicans appear to be lining up to challenge her.

Hagan, who beat Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole in 2008, isn’t alone in raising money for 2014. The Post reported that Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., was hosting a “Roundtable Lunch” for discussion of “the looming fiscal cliff.” To “co-host” the event: $5,000. But those who want to be Warner’s “friend” can show up with just $1,000.

--Tim Funk, Observer staff writer


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Time is Ticking For Senator Hagan

Senator Kay Hagan knows that she better start raising funds now because once Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis gets in it, she is done.

We were hoping that Hagan

would just blend back into the backdrop...she's not much of a leader...thanks Kay but 

let's think about something more appropriate for you...


She has done nothing for NC. After she went into office, MOST Senators were holding town hall meetings during the first recess .. She held NONE!!
She is in WAY over her head. Our Pastor NEVER mixes politics in his sermon EVER. But he broke that tradition this morning. His main two topics were abortion and same sex marriage. The best sermon I have EVER heard. Question? How can you call yourself a Christian and advocate the murdering of innocent babies and how do you go against God's will of approving gay marriage?? Both of which she supports. Plus don't ever forget, she took money for her campaign from that Atheist Group. Yet she calls herself a Christian. How???

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