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PPP poll: Presidential race a tie, McCrory way ahead in governor's race

The newest poll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling the presidential race is deadlocked and Pat McCrory enjoying a big lead in the governor's race.

The survey of likely voters released Thursday shows President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney tied at 48 percent with just 4 percent undecided. It's a slight improvement or the president. A PPP poll from Oct. 14 put Romney ahead 49 percent to 47 percent, though it was still a statistical tie.

The governor's race isn't even close. Pat McCrory holds a 13-point lead on Democrat Walter Dalton, ahead 50 percent to 37 percent. Libertarian candidate Barbara Howe gets 5 percent and 8 percent of voters are undecided, PPP found. Most troubling for Dalton: Despite statewide TV debates and a Democratic ad campaign, the new numbers show McCrory only increasing his lead from mid-October when PPP gave him a 10-point edge.

The poll surveyed 880 likely voters was conducted Tuesday to Thursday. It's margin of error is plus-or-minus 3.3 percentage points.

In downballot races, the scandal enveloping Republican Debra Goldman appears to be hurting her numbers -- though not by as much as some would expect. State Auditor Beth Wood is ahead 45 percent to 38 percent against Goldman, an eight-point advantage.

Other contested Council of State races: Democrat Elaine Marshall leads Republican challenger Ed Goodwin in the secretary of state race 43-38 percent; Democratic State Superintendent June Atkinson leads Republican John Tedesco 42-40 percent; Republican labor commissioner Cherie Berry bests Democrat John Brooks 43-37 percent; and Democratic insurance commissioner Wayne Goodwin tops Republican  Mike Causey 45-36 percent.

Other interesting findings: voters believe Obama won the last presidential debate, Obama and Romney are running about even on who is better trusted on the economy and 68 percent are excited about this election.


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I think this poll shows that the people of North Carolina

........are ready to see change come to the Governor's Mansion.  I believe the people want to see integrity restored to state government.  The recent scandals coming from the Easley & Perdue campaigns have hurt the people  of North Carolina.  Many see Pat McCrory as the Governor to bring dignity back to the Governor's Mansion.  I hope the polls are correct and the voters of North Carolina have the good sense to clean out the Governor's Mansion and give Pat McCrory a change to clean Raleigh up.

stopping future AGW terrorists

Ever have a moment wondering what your life would be?  I'm a Canadian, and I think I can build on C.Freeman's UK research to sequester trees under cdn Shield peat bogs (Michigan/MN terrain kinda).
And I don't like mosquitoes, or bears, or non-cities, or Trench Foot.  But I'll do it anyway.
I see a storm is about to slam into North Carolina.  These may be unimaginably stronger mid-century.
And in other parts of the world, droughts and floods will lead to war and massive failed states.  And in the remnants, WMDs will be launched again Israel and the USA most likely.  This doesn't have to happen.  We have a brighter GWB in power in Canada now, but won't be in 2.5 yrs.  And the more non-coal Dems the USA elects, the safer the world of the future will be on this issue alone.  I hope NC elects Obama.  Part of the transition away from gasoline/diesel/heating-oil involves building a recyclable plastics market, and NC has expertise here.  Regardless, good luck.  May the coyote god be with you. 

governor's race

But the poll in the governor's race came before the N&O's endorsement, which will surely flip it.

Every vote will count

These polls look promising for Pat McCrory, but the people who support him must turnout and vote. Just because it looks like he will win doesn't mean he will. If everyone stays home we will have Do Nothing Dalton for governor. I hope everyone will vote, McCrory will make a great governor.

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