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NCSU poll shows political divide between faculty, students

A recent survey of North Carolina State University students and faculty shows a political divide between faculty and the student body.

Those on the receiving end of lectures at the Raleigh campus are likely to have a voting pattern similar to the rest of the state, while those doing the lecturing lean far enough to the left they would defeat Mitt Romney so convincingly that Barry Goldwater and Walter Mondale might not look like such bad candidates after all.

44 percent of students who responded to The Pack Poll said they would vote for Mitt Romney, 42 percent prefer Barack Obama, and the rest remain undecided or prefer another candidate. The margin of error is +/- 2.98 percent.

81 percent of faculty members, however, said they would vote Obama, compared to 15 percent who favor Romney. The margin of error is +/- 6.1 percent.

The poll is part of an independent study course and is conducted by political science professor Michael Cobb and four students. Each semester since 2010, a survey has been distributed via the university's email system; 1,024 students and 227 faculty members responded this time around.

"What I like to think about NCSU is that we’re really diverse and plural, kind of a microcosm of the state," said Cobb. "You 

The entire findings have been published, but a few other numbers stand out:

  • In the gubernatorial race, students prefer Republican Pat McCrory over Democrat Walter Dalton, 41 to 19 percent, and 7 percent prefer Libertarian Barbara Howe. The rest are undecided.
  • 57 percent of students support a requirement that voters show photo ID; 22 percent are in opposition
  • 70 percent of students support allowing civil unions for same-sex couples, and 65 percent support allowing legal marriage of same-sex couples; 88 percent of faculty support civil unions, and 93 percent support same marriage
  • 76 percent of faculty believes the country is generally headed in the right direction
  • 93 percent of students who reponded are registered to vote, and 19 percent of those students registered via "pre-registration"


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The scary part is

The scary part is these marxist/socialist professors are teaching and trying to indoctrinate our kids.

really interesting but...

I think someone is confused. Barry Goldwater was far-right, not far-left.

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