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Boehner in Raleigh: Obama doesn't understand the economy or America

House Speaker John Boehner told about 140 Republicans at state GOP headquarters Saturday morning that the election is about jobs and President Barack Obama doesn't understand the economy.

No Republican has spent more time working with the president on economic issues, Boehner said.

 “Let me tell you,” Boehner said. “He doesn't get it. As a result he doesn't understand how the economy works or how America works.''

Boehner said that former Governor Mitt Romney does understand the economy and does understand that government interference can cost jobs.

Boehner made an appearance in Charlotte on Friday and is headed to Wilmington Saturday night for a fund raiser for GOP candidate David Rouzer.

Also appearing at the rally was George Holding, the 13th district GOP house candidate,  who asked: “Who here is ready to give Obama the boot?''

Rep. Renee Ellmers, who introduced Boehner, said: ”We are on the momentum. We are beating Obama. And we are going to continue on that track. We have got to get him out.''

“They (the Democrats) have nothing," Ellmers said. "They don't have the truth. They don't have the policies. And they certainly don't have the success.''


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Jobs, jobs, jobs, NOT!

If it's about jobs why don't Republicans do something about it then, rather than give more and more tax cuts to the most rich and more power and control over us to banks and corporations via DE-regualation (read loose laws.)?

Jobs and pay are certainly of critical importance to Americans.

Not to the Repubican Party, however. That doesn't mean the Democrats have done such a great job. But, it does mean they are a lot less hypocritical and dishonest about it.

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