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Nikki Haley to Tar Heel women: its jobs, not social issues that matter most

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Monday reached out to suburban women voters Monday morning on behalf of the Romney campaign urging them to put aside social issues focus on bread and butter economic issues.

“Put all the commercials aside, back and forth – whether they are Obama commercials or Romney commercials – that's politics,” Haley told about 150 people at a Women for Romney event in Apex. “They are distractions.''

“But we are smarter than that,” Haley said. “Women balance and we balance budgets. We keep our priorities in line. For them to say there is a war on women. I am still looking for it. I haven't found it yet.''

“What I am seeing is women are paying attention to everything,'' Haley said. “We look at jobs. We look a the economy. We look at health care. Do we look at contraception? Yes we look at contraception. But I have friends who are pro life who are in the Democratic Party. And I have friends who are pro life who are in the Republican party. That is not what makes us decide who is going to be president.''

She was introduced by 2nd district Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of Dunn.


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Haley's comments are disgusting.

How dare she tell the women of North Carolina to put their legal rights, their right to representation in government and even their health on the back burner to support the soundbite du jour of the GOP?! Especially when the GOP has done NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to create jobs. Indeed, they have blocked it on the federal level and totally ignored job creation and economic development on the state level while they were busily rolling back women's rights in NC, crippling their right to decide what to do about their own pregnancies, trying to strip women of their right to vote through harsh and unneeded voter ID laws and defunding Planned parenthood. My contempt for Haley is beyond words.

The GOP cannot deliberately trample all over the rights of women and then appeal to women to ignore that behavior in favor of an issue they have comopletely ignored until election time. Women just aren't that stupid.

Nikki Haley is a joke

Nikki Haley doesn't have a clue what matters to women.  She is the woman that vetoed the rape crisis and women's crisis centers in the SC budget.  She said that they were "special interest" and didn't matter.

I don't know why Mitt Romney keeps her around - she couldn't even deliver her own state for him in the SC Primary - and then she didn't have the nerve to show up at the rejection party.

The nation thinks she is the darling of the Republican Party - they need to ask the residents of SC what they think of Nikki Haley - they will tell you the REAL story about Nikki Haley.

Legislators listening?

Maybe she should tell this to the Republican members of the NC General Assembly.  They have done nothing for the last four years but waste time with their social agenda. What have they done to create jobs?  NOTHING.

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