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"Not slick" Walter Dalton begins TV ad campaign

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton Wednesday began running his first general election TV commercials. Set in his hometown of Rutherfordton, the ad introduces him as "not slick or fancy" but as someone who is straight talking who is against outsourcing of jobs and education cuts.

His campaign said the ad is running in all the major TV markets in the state. His Republican opponent, Pat McCrory, has been on the air since August 7th.


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What we know is that Wally

What we know is that Wally is not a lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute through his big Myers Park Charlotte law firm.


He also didn't run around the state for two years raising money with the corrupt Tillis-Larouque House leadership. I bet Mountain Man bought one of the fabergege eggs to help Larouque pay his legal bills.

After years of dem scandals, Wally won't admit it

I too don't trust a word that Dalton says as his mouth was shut for 10 years. Not a peep.... He knew what was going on and still won't say a word as he wants bev's remaining funds. He's a fraud as well.


I tend not to believe anything coming out of Wally Daltons mouth. Because he has been there through all the corrupt Perdue/easley years, and never said a word except to praise them and the policies they made. So who is really a sheep??

Dalton, a decent guy

I tend to agree with Dalton's ad...he's not slick. He's just a decent guy who would do his best to represent the people of North Carolina well.


I wish him well and will vote for him myself.


However, the momentum seems to be swinging towards the Bush regime days of the fat cats running the show and the culture war sheep following sheepishly where they are lead.


When folks get like that it's pretty hard to fight it. Bush getting elected twice is ample proof of that. Thousands, maybe millions, of so-called Republicans even refused to be identified with the party, choosing to call themselves independent, which of course was not true.


They are all Repubilcans again, asking to be treated like dumb sheep. I have a feeling their dream will be fulfilled, at least at the state level.

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