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Walter Dalton looks to DNC to help close fundraising deficit in governor's race

Walter Dalton is capitalizing on the all the political money in North Carolina next week for the Democratic National Convention.

The Democratic nominee for governor is hosting a big-dollar fundraiser with seven other governors  -- think candy for lobbyists -- in the middle of the DNC festivities Wednesday.

The 10 a.m. brunch event will take place at the home of Crandall and Erskine Bowles, the later being the former UNC system president and two-time U.S. senate candidate.

The price to attend starts at $250 and increases to $4,000, according to the invite.

The Democratic governors expected to attend: Martin O'Malley of Maryland, Mike Beebe of Arkansas, Steve Beshear of Kentucky, John Hickenlooper of Colorado, Dan Malloy of Connecticut, Pat Quinn of Illinois and Pete Shumlin of Vermont. O'Malley is the head of the Democratic Governor's Association.

Dalton is trying to close the gap in the money race against Republican rival Pat McCrory, whose rich campaign coffers are allowing him to remain on TV consistently through the Nov. 6 election. Dalton doesn't expect to start his advertising campaign until mid-September.


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Is there a government program?

Is there a government program that funds ticket sales for the less fortunate to attend?

Is bev going to be there?

Is bev going to be there? Isn't she still a democrat & a governor? She still has a pot load of dirty money that Wally would like to get his hands on but she will probably use it for her continued legal fees as well as to pay off all of her personal loans from the 08 campaign.

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