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N.C. Chamber won't endorse in governor's race

The N.C. Chamber of Commerce won't endorse a candidate for governor, nor other statewide partisan races.

The chamber said Tuesday it is focusing its "limited resources" on the legislature and "the most important race this fall," the state Supreme Court.

In that race, the chamber's PAC picked Paul Newby, a Republican seeking to retain his seat on state's high court. It's the first time the chamber waded into a judicial race. Newby faces Democrat Sam Ervin IV. (Find the other legislative endorsements here.)

By not backing a candidate for governor, the chamber won't put its campaign cash and statewide network to use for Republican Pat McCrory or Democrat Walter Dalton. The move is likely a win for Dalton, given that the small business group NFIB previously picked McCrory in the contest.


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not only the money

I would say voter registration for state employees would be 85% Dem and 15% Rep. However Wally will not enjoy the usually faithful state employee vote and he can forget the 15%. State employees have been promised every possible thing imaginable by democrat governor candidates, and have saw very few promises kept. McCrory on the other hand, promises NOTHING!!! He does not cater to SEANC for there pathetic endorsement, nor does he make promises he doesn't intend to keep. State employees for the most part are great people, living on low wages just trying to make a living. For years they have lived on the crumbs the democrat political elite in all branches of state government threw them. So the choice for state employees will be simple, more of the same broken promises from Wally or a fresh new vision from Pat McCrory, a man who doesn't make promises he can't keep.

State employees don't support Dalton

John Frank is up to his old, evil ways of adding editorial comment when it benefits the dems.  The bigger problem for Dalton, which the Dome failed to comment on, is that the SEANC did not endorse him and thus, he will not be able to leverage the almost $2million that the SEANC used against McCrory in the final days of 2008. 

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