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Pawlenty coming to Raleigh on Saturday

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty will make a public appearance in Raleigh on Saturday, a GOP source confirms this evening. Final arrangements are still being made, and additional details will be forthcoming.

Pawlenty is on the short list of potential running mates for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

UPDATE: Here are those details: Pawlenty will attend something called a sports parents roundtable at the Polar Ice House in Cary around mid-day, and then head to North Raleigh for the opening of the new "victory office" on Spring Forest Road later in the afternoon.


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Best line of his speech

Notwithstanding the attemopts of local media to bury an important national story as Gov. Romney gets closer to announcing his running mate, turnout was great. An enthusiastic and attentive crowd greeted Gov Pawlenty with a warmth to match the warm July afternoon. In his remarks, Gov. Pawlenty summed up the entirety of the Obama administration in just 6 words: "All foam and no beer." If he is the "boring white guy" that the progressive media portrays him to be, he didn't bring that caricature to Raleigh.

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