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Democrats link Romney, McCrory on tax return issue

Democrats say Mitt Romney's refusal to fully disclose his tax returns amid questions about his finances sounds like a certain Republican in North Carolina: Pat McCrory.

McCrory, the GOP's candidate for governor, has repeatedly refused to release his taxes or his list of clients at a Charlotte law firm that does lobbying work. 

McCrory's "penchant for secrecy" is something he has in common with Romney, said Wayne Goodwin, the Democratic insurance commissioner, on a Democratic National Committtee conference call Tuesday. "It's hard to believe that Mitt Romney has been more transparent on this issue than Pat McCrory," Goodwin added.

Romney has released two years of tax returns but critics want him to disclose more amid questions about his involvement at Bain Capital, his former venture capital firm.

Democrats similarly want McCrory to share more information about what he does for the law firm. State law doesn't require him to release his tax returns but Democratic rival Walter Dalton voluntarily did so earlier this year. McCrory says he disclosed what is required by law. In a June debate, he told a reporter asking about his taxes: "Frankly, I don’t think that’s your business."


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Myers Park Pat doesn't want

Myers Park Pat doesn't want to release his tax returns because he would show how much het gets paid by Charlotte's biggest lobbying firm Moore Van Allen. Moore Van Allen's representation of Pat;s clients before the NC General Assembly is very lucrative. You gotta know the American Petroleum Institute pays very generous monthly retainers to the Moore Van Allen lobbyists.

No wonder Myers Park Pat dropped tom 43% in the polls. People are starting to realize that someone who works for one of the state's most active lobbying firms is not going to come in and be a reformer as Governor.

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