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Brubaker's resignation last week allows him to begin lobbying sooner, Fitzsimon notes

By resigning last week, state Rep Harold Brubaker can begin lobbying when the legislature returns in January at the start of its 2013 session, Chris Fitzsimon of NC. Policy Watch notes.

Brubaker, a former House speaker, is resigning now because there is a six month cooling off period before a legislator can register as a lobbyist. “His resignation six months before the end of his term to cash in is ridiculous and makes a mockery of the efforts to stop the revolving door between legislating and lobbying,” Fitzsimon writes on his blog, The Follies.“When the current lobbying law was being debated several years ago, good government groups wanted at least a two-year cooling off period, but lawmakers would have none of it. Too much money to be made.'' Read more here.


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Read that stuff?

Wouldn't that be considered heresy?   The lunatic right would disown me and I would be left to wander the world, bereft of decency and manhood.   I am quite satisfied believing the drivel that I currently read without adding a bunch of syllables.  Don't all those syllables make it real confusing?

You might want to...

... actually *read* NC Policy Watch before you attempt sarcastic comments about them. They absolutely do report on Democrats who break or circumvent ehtics laws. I must warn you, however, that they frequently use words of three syllables or above when doing so, so you might want to have a friend help you.

God help us...

... if inteligent people ever embrace this pathetic excuse. The fact that someone has done it before doesn't make it right and the GOP really needs to stop using this desperate excuse. Perhaps remembering how the Democrats were thrown out on their keisters might encourage them to stop making excuses for their unethical behavior and start actually governing?

Good to know

It is good to know that NC Policy Watch is on top of these Republicans who become lobbyists.  I am glad they are vigilant against these Republican lobbyists.  It is a wonder than none of the Democrats ever went into the lobbying business.  Must be their inherent moral fiber than precludes it. 


REVOLVING DOOR rules might just as well be waived for the likes of the former Republican speaker of the N.C. House. He has been a lobbyist for big-money and right-wing interests for all his years in the legislature.

Is this new?

Has this ever happened before?  A legislator becoming a lobbyist? 

Disgusting, but no one seems capable of being disgusted anymore

and I'm sure Brubaker knows that.  The sound of his palms rubbing together is louder to him than any ethics-oriented objection.

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