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Democratic memo reaffirms NC battleground status

The state Democratic Party is seeking to counter several national reports that suggest that North Carolina is fading as a battleground state.

Walton Robinson, the party's communications director, Friday began circulating a memo, first published in Politico, that argues that North Carolina is very much in play.

The memo points to numerous polls showing that Obama even or ahead of Romney in the state even though Romney and his allies had spent $10.25 million on TV in North Carolina between May 1 and June 20, while Obama had spent $8.1 million.

He said in a state that has been hit by a large loss of manufacturing jobs, Romney's record in pioneering in outsourcing jobs while at Bain Capital is particularly problematic.

“Looking ahead to the next four months, there are two fundamental points worth emphasizing,” Robinson writes. “First the election will not be won or lost on paid media. Despite Romney and his SuperPAC allies outspending the president's campaign in the state, Romney's poll numbers continue to slide. And once both campaigns reach the saturation point, the contest will become one of earned media and field organization...''

“This leads me to my final point: the president remains in a strong position to win North Carolina. Winning isn't going to be easy and will require weathering an unprecedented barrage of third party support for Romney between now and Election Day. But, as this campaign enters its final months, we remain confident in the groundwork that's been laid since the 2008 election and both the North Carolina Democratic Party and Organizing For America-NC.(the Obama campaign) will continue working to keep North blue in 2012.''

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