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Pat McCrory boasts $4.4 million war chest, $2.2 million in Q2 donations

Republican Pat McCrory will report a $4.4 million war chest this week, enough to give his campaign for governor a huge financial advantage entering the final four months of the campaign.

McCrory added $2.2 million in contributions in the second quarter, according to campaign officials, with 98 percent from North Carolina donors.

His Democratic rival Walter Dalton has yet to offer a glimpse at his fundraising totals from April 21 through June 30. The candidates must file campaign finance disclosure forms by Wednesday.

"This outpouring of support from around the state is more proof that North Carolinians realize the only way to fix our broken economy and broken government is to elect an outsider to the governor's office," McCrory said in a statement.

Dalton reported $670,000 in cash-on-hand on April 21 but he likely spent most of it in his contested Democratic primary, forcing him to start nearly from scratch to raise the millions it will take to compete in November.

McCrory's second-quarter haul bested the $1 million he raised in the same period during the 2008 campaign when he lost to Gov. Bev Perdue. At this point in 2008, McCrory had $726,000 in his campaign account.

The money is key to the candidates chances in one of the most hotly contested governor's races in the country. Outside groups are also spending big money -- more than $2 million so far -- with more to come.


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Dalton's recent campaign donations...

it will be very interesting to see how the NCDP's history affects current donations.

NC democrat party:  the criminal organization disguised as a political party.

Dalton = Bev + Easley / why no release of travel records?

Both Easley and Bev have been guilty, over many years of problems with campaign financing.  And Bev, through her role with the DGA continues to control Wally and the lies that the DGA is spreading about the mayor.  I wonder what Dalton is now trying to hide in the upcoming report as whatever money he is raising is from Easley & Bev cronies that want to maintain their grasp on running our state into the ground.  And Wally, when are you going to release your travel records?

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