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McCrory lead over Dalton narrows

Republican Pat McCrory has only a narrow lead over Democrat Walter Dalton in the governor's race when Libertarian candidate Barbara Howe is included, according to a new poll.

McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor, leads with 46 percent over Dalton, the lieutenant governor with 44 percent, with Howe at 7 percent, according to a poll conducted for the Civitas Institute, a Raleigh-based conservative advocacy group.

That is a much tighter than a May Civitas Poll that was was a head-to-head match, which showed McCrory with a 10-point lead over Dalton. The May poll did not include Howe.

The spin: “Although the polls differ somewhat in format, the data suggests that a significant portion of McCrory's support shifted to Howe when given the chance,” said Francis De Luca, Civitas president. “To win those votes in November, McCrory likely will have to persuade libertarian-minded voters that he too wants to and can rein in out-of-control government.''
    The survey of 600 N.C. registered voters was conducted by National Research Inc. of Holmdel, NJ and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.


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Yes....I remember Bev winning and I also remember 4 yrs of the worst governor this state has ever known, except maybe Easley. Polls vary, but Bev and Wally's record does not. The election will be decided by the good people of this state, who are sick and tired if the same ole business as usual. Change is coming to Raleigh!!!

Remember that the

Remember that the conservative Rasmussen poll had McCrory leading Perdue by 4% one week before the 2008 election.

Polls must be tightening because citizens understand there is no way McCrory can be a reformer when he has been paid for 4 years by one of the most active lobbying/law firms in the state that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars representing special interests in NC!


Only polls of likely voters are valid and that poll has McCrory with a commanding lead.Most polls use too many registered dems in their polling and what does that tell you when those polls have McCrory leading.

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