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Problem with the Democratic convention 'starts with the words Charlotte, N.C.'

The city of St. Louis lost to Charlotte as host for the Democratic National Convention. In an online post, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's editorial board pokes fun at the recent bad press surrounding the North Carolina host city.

Here's their take: You might have heard that the Democratic National Committee is having a bit of trouble with its big national convention planned for September in Charlotte, N.C.

It starts with the words "Charlotte, N.C." A city and a state that aren't friendly to unions. In case you haven't heard it on Fox News, unions tend to like Democrats.

Then North Carolina passed a draconian anti-gay marriage amendment, angering another key Democratic constituency. Then fund-raising dried up (see "unions" above). This month, the DNC moved a pre-convention event from a Charlotte speedway to some downtown streets to save money. Now the Democratic incumbent in the most closely watched Senate race in the nation, Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, has decided to wash her hair instead of attending the convention.

Charlotte, you'll recall, was chosen over St. Louis. We had the "excitement," said the national political folks. We had the hotel rooms, the convention space, the union support, even fund-raising from deep-pocketed Republicans who care more about their city than partisanship.

Charlotte has big banks. We have big beer.

We hope the Dems get it figured out.

But four years from now, look toward the Arch.


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Missouri girls.


Can't take a hint.


My goodness, how rude.


St Louis, I hope the convention comes your way in 2016 just as you've dreamed.

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