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NAACP NC President Barber slams legislation produced during short session

Despite intermittent bursts of rain, a rally of about 45 people representing 25 organizations gathered Thursday afternoon as NAACP NC President Rev. William Barber protested GOP policies on the Bicentennial Mall in front of the General Assembly.

Barber was joined by Rev. Curtis Gatewood (pictured at right) and other NC NAACP officials.

"If you can take the General Assembly and put it under a political MRI, and study the systematic impact, you would find the General Assembly is mean-spirited toward the poor, minorities, African Americans, and women ... intentionally," Barber said.

Barber described 10 examples of legislation that he believes exacerbates racial and class disparities.

The list included proposed changes to the Racial Justice Act, the fracking bill, and the lack of funding for education and the federal Help America Vote Act.

He called the policies a calculated attack on "vulnerable groups."

-- Rosella Age, staff writer


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God Bless the GOP, the Party

God Bless the GOP, the Party that likes to put 30 kids in every classroom, have traffic jams on our roads and their  senior staff sleep with married lobbyists. No wonder they nominated Charlotte lobbyist Myers Park Pat for Governor.

... about 45 people.

Does the "crowd of 45" include all the N&O reporters and photogs?  How many of the 45 are Barber's bodyguards and "handlers"?

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