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Bill would allow guns in restaurants and in park trails and fields

A gun bill left over from the flurry of gun bills that cleared the General Assembly last year was resurrected Thursday. This one, HB111, would allow anyone with a permit to carry a concealed weapon to bring that gun into a restaurant that serves alcohol, which is currently illegal.

The bill also clarifies what part of park property that firearms would be allowed. A law that went into effect in December already allows that, but it gave local governments the option of banning guns from playgrounds, athletic fields and facilities, and swimming pools.

Gun-rights advocates say some cities and towns have expanded gun bans beyond those specific places. This bill would prohibit guns from being banned on greenways, biking or walking paths, and open areas.

Rep. Mark Hilton, a Republican from Catawba County who has been the key sponsor of the gun bills, told a Senate judiciary committee on Thursday that the state restaurant association and the sheriffs’ association do not oppose this version of the bill.

Under the legislation, restaurant owners would still be able to prohibit customers from bringing weapons, concealed or not, into their establishments, but they must post a conspicuous notice to that effect.

Hilton said there are about 250,000 permit-holders in the state and fewer than one percent of them have had their permits revoked. In other words, this is a law-abiding segment of the population, he said.

Josette Chmiel of Grassroots N.C., a gun-rights advocacy group, said the bill would protect people.

“When I leave an establishment at night I’m a target,” she said. “I’m a female. I could be your wife, your fiancée, your daughter.”

A representative of the National Rifle Association, which has been a driving force behind the slate of gun bills, also spoke in support of the bill.

Jonathan Carr, a lobbyist for the N.C. Pediatric Society, said that organization was concerned that the bill would put more weapons in public places. “We believe there’s more likelihood of injury and deaths to children,” he said.

Sen. Floyd McKissick, a Durham Democrat, had a similar concern.

“We keep going down a path and I don’t know where it ends,” he said. “We continue to allow guns in more and more places.”

The committee approved the bill, which now goes to the Senate Finance Committee.


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All anti-gun legislation is pushed by the progressive liberal left wing of the democrat party, along animal rights groups, and almost all media outlets and news papers including N&O. Note that I said the Progressive liberal "LEFT" wing demo's. That does not include the majority of Americans that are registered democrats. Some of the best people I know are gun toting democrats and love this country just like I do... and have fought for those very freedoms we hold so our 2nd amendment right. They also know, as I do..that the moment we stop being "Armed Citizens" we are just peasants again. That why our founding father made sure the right to keep and bear arms was at the top of the bill of rights. They knew how important it really was to a free society. Anyone can be free....but staying free is another matter. The second amendment keeps us free

Not exactly, Craig

Thanks for the mention, but you have one thing wrong: The NRA has not been a "driving force" behind gun legislation in this session of the General Assembly. After years of endorsing anti-gun candidates, the NRA is largely marginalized. The "driving force" have been North Carolina gun owners activated by the *volunteers* of Grass Roots North Carolina.

Paul Valone
President, GRNC

Good for us!

I'm really tired of anti-gun, anti-self defense, and anti-freedom idiots telling me where I can defend myself and where I must die. What made idiots like Floyd McKissick the experts on my safety and my liberty?


The next question I have is, what the heck is the "NC Pediatric Society," and where do they get off saying anything at all about me and my gun? Last I checked, Concealed Handgun Permits are not issued to children, so this really doesn't affect them. This is another case of a bunch of annoying jerks putting on their nice white doctor coats and pretending that their political opinions have special value because they went to medical school. I've got news for the doctors. If I have a medical opinion, I'll ask them for theirs. If I need an opinion on self defense, they aren't invited to chime in. No one is asking me anything about how to start an IV on an infant, so why should I give the least little care what some idiot in a white coat thinks about my gun?


Now we need to get this bill out of the Finance Committee and on to the floor where it can get passed overwhelmingly.

He thinks like they do.

The N&O loves a liberal anti-gun legislator that only wants to take from the workers and give to the layabouts.  McKissick would make a good N&O editor.

soul city

You quoted Floyd McKissick??  The genius behind Soul City?


Just when I think the N&O couldn't possibly get any more irrelevant, you quote Floyd McKissick.  Good job, guys.

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