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Congressman Paul Ryan gets a North Carolina vetting at Big Ed's

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan is holding a roundtable at Big Ed's restaurant Tuesday morning, appearing on behalf of Mitt Romney's campaign.

Ryan, the much-discussed Republican budget writer, is a possible vice presidential candidate. His trip would make him the second major GOP figure to audition in North Carolina in recent days. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a one-time presidential candidate, spoke at the state GOP convention Saturday.

Ryan's roundtable -- announced at the last minute, late Monday -- is scheduled to start at 9:45 a.m. at the downtown Raleigh restaurant, a frequent trough for N.C. politicos and reporters that features a Confederate memorial on the wall.


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BIG ED's - On dark nights, you can see Byrd's GHOST

Obviously the blogger is correct.  There are numerous reports that you can see Robert Byrd's ghost in the corners of the back room at Big Ed's.....also there purportedly are axe handles used by Wallace.  Yes, Big Ed's is definitely NOT a REPUBLICAN establishment in that the ghost of the southern Democrats (remember NC had a Eugenics program) all reside there.

BUT, why let facts and history mess us a good PC jab....

How Interesting

Inquiring minds want to know . .  . what else is on the walls at Big Ed's?  

Oh that's right - the only thing you focused on was what your liberal co-horts 'think'  will disparage Paul Ryan and you stooped to their level and just happened to stick the comment in your coverage.

Do you really think people can't see thru the tactics? 

Ryan leads, N&O takes cheap shots

Paul Ryan is a true statesman. The N&O politics blog betrays any sense of seriousness or impartiality with weird, feeble cheap shots such as we see here. So the Congressman from Wisconsin is a closet Confederate sympathizer? What is the desired takeaway here?

btusha - I don't know which hurts my head more, the blunt stupidity of the point you try to make, or, with all the other actual issues at play, the emphasis you put on this imagined show of ego by Ryan. You don't think Ryan has taken every appropriate action to help Walker? Even if you followed the Wisconsin story from afar you would know how silly your point is. And you think a national household name like Ryan needs a low-key Tuesday morning event in Raleigh to raise his profile? Huh?

never a mention....

I've had numerous lunch meetings with a prominent member of Raleigh's black community at Big Ed's.  He is VERY sensitive to racial history yet has never mentioned "the confederate memorial on the wall".

Curious that it would be "an issue" with reporter Frank ???  Very curious.

Paul Ryan

I am highly disappointed that Rep. Ryan is in North Carolina today.  I now know that he is a lot more like Romney than the vast majority of the folks that he beat for the nomination.  Ryan is in North Carolina promoting himself, instead of helping the Governor of his home state  of Wisconsin who is in the fight of his life and who has spent the last 2 years trying to implement less government taxation and control.  

John is a regular at Big Ed's

Don't knock John, guys.  He obviously is a regular at Big Ed's. How else would he know about the memorial?  He might just be a crypto-reb...


I'm not sure what the real purpose of the phrase "that features a Confederate memorial on the wall."  There are plenty of other things on the walls to comment about.  Liberal rag...

Read more here:"


".... at the downtown Raleigh restaurant, which features a Confederate memorial on the wall."

Gotta score those points with Bill Barber don't you John.  Weak even by the N&O's "standards"..

Read more here:
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