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Gov. Perdue puts Democratic Party mess at Walter Dalton's feet

Gov. Bev Perdue is reacting to the about-fact at the N.C. Democratic Party on Saturday after Chairman David Parker resigned but then triumphantly reclaimed his post.

Perdue essentially puts the mess in Democratic gubernatorial nominee Walter Dalton's lap now. “I’m focused on investing in education and passing my other budget priorities," she said in a statement. "Walter Dalton is the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, and I’ll support him in however he wants to handle the matter."

President Barack Obama's campaign has not yet responded to Parker's reign. A North Carolina campaign spokesman declined to comment. Many of the Obama campaign staffers are being paid through the state party's federal account. But it's not likely the drama at state party headquarters will have any affect on the Obama team, given that they operate independently.


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Dumplin' lite

Looks like Bev is pushing her lieutenant from the nest and into the real world of politics.  It is often difficult to take those first few flights on your own but that is nature's way.

If Perdue is going to

If Perdue is going to further abdicate her responsibilities she should immediately resign.

Dalton demonstrated his weakness on Saturday

How can anyone want Dalton to run our state if he cannot even control his own party.  The party is laughing at how weak he is, as is Bev...

Wally & The Bev .....

"Wally & The Bev" .... the dynamic duo of NC Democrats.  Who will be Eddie Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford?  And David Parker is "Dwight from The Office".

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