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Coble says Edwards prosecution is political

Wake County Commissioner Paul Coble is quoted in an online publication saying there is "no question" the prosecution of John Edwards is political.

Coble's chief opponent for the 13th congressional district Republican nomination, George Holding, was the U.S. Attorney in Raleigh, remaining in office past his expiration date to oversee the Edwards prosecution.

Coble also referred to Holding's investigation of another prominent Democrat, former Gov. Mike Easley in another campaign finance probe. He said the Easley case was a waste of taxpayer money, noting prosecutors "didn't exactly put him away."

"I think there is no question that Holding thought those two cases would take him to Congress," Coble is quoted saying.

Carter Wrenn, Holding's campaign strategist issued this statement Friday evening:

“I’ve seen candidates say some bizarre things when their campaigns fall apart – but this one has to take the cake. Paul Coble’s actually slamming George Holding for prosecuting Mike Easley and John Edwards – and saying those prosecutions were a waste of taxpayers’ money. We just entered the twilight zone. Paul’s poll numbers have slipped. And we’re watching his campaign come unglued in front of our eyes.”

Coble's comments were published Friday in Main Justice, an online publication that covers the U.S. Justice Department.

You can check out the three candidates for the GOP primary in the 13th congressional district on Sunday. Pre-recorded debates will air from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on WTVD and NBC-17. The WTVD debate is already online at

Bill Randall joins Holding and Coble to chew on the topics of government debt, corporate incentives and unfunded liabilities.


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Holding's Integrity Is Lacking!

This is what pious George "Everyday Bentley" Holding, the ostensibly tough grossly-corrupt-Easley-gets-a-tiny-slap-on-the-wrist-with-my-wet-noodle prosecutor, told voters for months about his supposedly righteous refusal to be tainted by the corrupting evil of limited, regulated, publicly disclosed PAC money:

"Not accepting a penny from special interest PACs (Political Action Committees) is a way to say loud and clear I’m not going to be part of ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ Washington politics,” he declared.

George Expandour Bank Holdings even told voters in campaign appearance after campaign appearance that THIS WAS A REASON TO VOTE FOR HIM.

But then, finding himself trailing the wiser, more experienced, more conservative, better known, and vastly more qualified Paul Coble, Georgie Porgie forgot all about his pretend ethics and his public campaign promises.

Then George Excessive Bank Holdings turned to his rich Democrat trial lawyer friends and his greedy banking relatives, asked them to break out their gilded checkbooks, and hatched a secret plan to bolster his chances with a secretive, unlimited, totally unregulated, unreported "super-PAC," raising almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS from super-rich, super-connected, super-interested cronies -- all the while pretending to the public that he wasn't succumbing to the very corruption he had pretended for months to oppose out of principle.  If only!

When questioned by the Associated Press about his drastic change of uh, heart, guileless George sniffed unrepentantly: That is how THE GAME is played in Washington these days.  The game, that is, you peons, and I am here to play.

You see, the rules are different for the self-indulgent, morally unmoored super-rich. This world is their playground, not fit for your plebeian family or mine. Or for Paul Coble, who built his small business from the ground up, then ran it the past 31 years.

That is why Holdingcorp drives a Bentley, lives like a king, disdains the voters, throws his campaign promises out the window, lies shamelessly about principled Paul Coble, and hopes the gullible public won't notice. Certainly the N&O hasn't.

Wake up, folks. And check the facts for yourselves. The choice in this election is between hypocritical George Holding and principled Paul Coble. For people of integrity, that's an easy choice.

Think about it:  If we can't even trust 11-year federal employee Holding to tell the truth in his campaign to return to Washington -- and clearly, he won't -- how can we trust him to do his job with honest and integrity if he's elected? Fact is, we can't.

Send a message to the big banks and the trial lawyers and the lying Washington politicians, and vote proudly for principled Paul Coble for Congress.

I did.

And if I were a Democrat, I'd do it again.

Coble's Logic is Flawed

There is a flaw in Paul Coble's 'logic. The Easley and Edwards investigations began years ago when Democrats controlled the legislature, years before there were any new Congressional Districts.

It sure looks like Paul Coble's just making this stuff up as he goes along.

Bigfoot sightings?

So prosecuting Easley and Edwards is wrong?   Any Bigfoot sightings?  UFO's? 

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