Under the Dome

If John Brooks is running, can John Ingram be far behind?

Former state Labor Commissioner John C.  Brooks wants his old job back – again.

Brooks has filed for the Democratic nomination for state labor commissioner, a post he held from 1977 until 1993, before losing in the Democratic primary to Harry Payne. Brooks tried a comeback at age 71 four years ago, coming in second in a Democratic primary.

Also running in the Democratic primary is Marlowe Foster, a lobbyist active in Democratic politics.

Another name from the past, attorney Marcus Williams of Lumberton has resurfaced. He is challenging 8th District Congressman Larry Kissell in the primary.

Williams has twice run for the U.S. Senate and once for governor. 


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There is no better friend to working people...

...than John Brooks.  People blame him for the Hamlett fire, but in reality it was the pro-business General Assembly that should take the blame for that.  They wrote stupid laws which prevented OSHA inspectors from notifying the fire marshall of padlocked fire exit doors, and prevented the fire marshall from notifying OSHA inspectors of workplace health and safety violations they might have seen. 

After the fire, the Legislature blamed Brooks and then passed the REDA law to supposedly protect employees from retaliation for reporting workplace health and safety violations to OSHA.  Of course in the more than 20 years since the fire - you won't see any significant precedent-setting cases dealing with the REDA law.  Certainly none since Republican Cherie Berrie took over, but most notably none when Democrat Harry Payne was Labor Commmissioner.  The most important precedent-setting cases that help workers still bear the name "Brooks" on them.  That's because John Brooks defended and protected working people in NC.  All the Labor Commissioners since Brooks seem to care about is making their department more friendly to employers.

Since then, John Brooks has remained active as an attorney with the Industrial Commission.  And he's been active in the Democratic Party helping to organize precincts and re-write the NCDP Plan of Organization.  What exactly has the other Democratic candidate done to be active in the Democratic Party?

I would consider it a

I would consider it a windfall for North Carolina that we have young, active, and inspiring minds representing the citizens of North Carolina rather than the sea of white hair, wrinkles, and autocratical thinkers that dominate the legislative body.

My remark may be a bit callus but so are the goings on in the state legislature.

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