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Perdue names D.A. to crime commission

Scott Thomas, a district attorney and former state senator from Craven County, has been named chairman of the Governor's Crime Commission.

Thomas will head a 11-member advisory committee that recommends policy on fighting crime and administers federal criminal justice and juvenile justice grants, Rob Christensen reports.

"The Governor's Crime Commission will be an active voice in my administration, advising me on the best ways to prevent, deter and fight crime," Gov. Beverly Perdue said in making the appointment.

Thomas, 42, whose father was also a state senator, had been considered a top candidate for Perdue’s secretary of crime control and public safety.

Other new members of the commission include Richard Shaffer, a district attorney for Cleveland and Lincoln counties; James Wilson Pierce, executive director of Kids Making It, in Wilmington; Rodney Monroe, the Charlotte police chief; Superior Court Judge Carl Fox of Orange County; and Jennifer Roberts, chair of the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners.


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Re: Perdue names D.A. to crime commission

I cannot believe Gov. Perdue appointed Scott Thomas to the State Crime Commission. This man can't be trusted, he doesn't convict the criminals in his own jurisdiction, i.e., Carteret County. He's had a Felony Bigamy charge pending against Fawzi N. Asmar who was in the U.S. illegally for over ten years, not to mention he played a big roll in the Cigarette Smuggling from N.C. to Michigan for years. Asmar was charged on 2-1-07, and still hasn't been indicted, and Thomas has everything he needs for indictment and conviction. He has this man's own sworn testimony that he was still married to his Lebanese wife when he married American wife in Carteret County, he has a copy of the Lebanese Annulment the wife overseas got in the church which isn't recognized in N.C., and it was six years after he married the American wife. I'm of the impression that Scott Thomas takes his orders from David McFayden, the Ex-DA, that just happened to retired when the SBI was doing a big investigation which included him. Scott Thomas, David Spencer, no one has bothered to tell any judge on the bench that this man was ordered to leave the U.S. as an illegal by 5-21-07, so the bond can be forfeited and a bench warrant issued so he could be arrested the next time he's seen, and believe me, he's here, and has been seen by several that know him. His business continues to operate seven days a week, with no one doing anything. Asmar's g/friend now runs the business, she has his full POA, yet Child Support Services attorney Andrew Lassiter won't let a warrant be issued for his arrest, or attach his business account when thousands are due. I wonder why not? He won't do anything, just as Scott T won't do anything. This man has three big wig attorneys, one for the Bigamy, one for civil matters, as in getting him the equity in the home he put nothing into by lying to the Clerk of Court, that Bigamy prohibited him from anything, but Randal Hunter got by with it, and another New Bern firm helping get him back into the U.S. legally, and surely they don't want a felony conviction before this is done, as it would prohibit his getting back in legally...what a crock our legal system is. Gov. Perdue should have done her homework before putting Thomas in this position. If he won't protect Carteret County citizens, what makes her think he will help the state? He has many DUI charges, plus rape and assault charges on his court calendars that never get prosecuted for up to two years...why? He nor his staff can be trusted, he doesn't represent the people and enforce the laws, it's for his own personal gain, and he shouldn't be allowed on the State Crime Commission at all. He should be removed asap. Let him show he can handle the job he was voted in office to do before adding anything else to his plate.

Re: Perdue names D.A. to crime commission

No negative local news articles at because the Star publisher Skip Foster is married to district court judge Anna F. Foster and does not publish anything about the corruption in the Cleveland County court system. My sources are the court records for Jimmy Walter Gettys in Cleveland County and Rutherford County; also you may see his and son James Marion Gettys criminal records at - Offender Search. James Marion Gettys is in prison at the Cleveland County Correctional Facility serving 5-years for the same felony drug charges that D.A. Shaffer dismissed against Jim Gettys. I talked with a charlotte attorney who worked with the FBI. He told me he had seen confidential records on very prominent people in Shelby / Cleveland County who were involved in illegal drugs trafficking. The present Special-Agent-in-Charge of the FBI Charlotte office, Nathanial Gray is originally from Shelby.


Re: Perdue names D.A. to crime commission

What are the details/facts about Shaffer dismissing charges against a METH dealer? Any articles to refer to?

Re: Perdue names D.A. to crime commission

D.A. Shaffer will not be a positive influence on the Crime Commission until he can explain why he has dismissed all felony drug charges against the largest METH dealer in western North Carolina as his bank account increases with each dismissal.

Re: Perdue names D.A. to crime commission

My sentiments exactly...wonder if this new group will have the guts to look into broad NC democrat corruption? We will see...otherwise, yet another ineffective NC group bound by political correctness...Im guessing each is a democrat, right?

Elite Deviance in North Carolina

lets hope they take a look at organized upperworld crime, the 'white collar wilding' and looting of the public coffers that has been so prevalent during the age of George Bush and Mike Easley.

Appalachian State prof Matthew Robinson explains what has happened in his new book, "Greed Is Good: Maximization and Elite Deviance in America" which just came out.

Let's hope the crime commission shifts its focus from street gangs to the far more detrimental corporate crime.

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