Bartlett's response

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The State Board of Elections had concerns over the U.S. Department of Justice's request to inspect voter rolls in North Carolina.

In a May 2, 2007, letter, Executive Director Gary Bartlett said that sending a compact disc with the voter rolls by Federal Express, as requested, would be an "untenable risk" to identity theft.

"You undoubtedly can appreciate the chilling effect it would have on voter registration if voters' information were ever compromised because it had been transmitted in this manner," he wrote.

He also said that the voter registration information can be obtained through the state board's Web site.

In response to concerns about the number of registered voters being higher than population in some counties, Bartlett wrote that the state has a "a vigorous list maintenance effort" on voter rolls, with centralized reporting of deceased voters, regular training and monthly reports on duplicate registrations and felony voncictions.

"As you are aware, even a jurisdiction with a conscientious list maintenance effort may not remove an inactive voter until after two federal elections. Inactive voters tend to appear on voter registration rolls as a higher percentage of voters in fast-growing or highly mobile communities and those with large student or military populations," he wrote.

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