Purdoo four governer?

Bev Perdue For GovernerBeverly Perdue wants to be the education governor.

In large type at the top of her campaign Web site, she is quoted saying "My goal is for North Carolina to be the best educated and healthiest state in America."

But education, as they say, starts at home.

Directly below the quote is a video of Perdue's campaign kickoff in New Bern. Its title: "Bev Perdue For Governer."

Um, make that Edukation Governer.

Update: The video was corrected by 4:30 p.m. 


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Re: Purdoo four governer?

She's NOT qualified. Just look at this embarrassing sign!

Um, Ms. Purdoo, can you please cite for us WHERE in the NC Constitution, it calls for state paid for medical insurance for children??? WHERE IS IT IN THE CONSTITUTION????????????????????????????????????????????

STRIVE to be SMARTER than a democrackkk!!!

Re: The Three R's

Well, the main thing is that in our efforts to strengthen public education in North Carolina, we should continue to stress fundamentals--yes, let's get back to the basics of learning, step-by-step.

So here's to a renewed Tar Heel State commitment to "The Three R's":

Readin', Ritin' and the Road to Richmond.

Re: Purdoo four governer?

It's embarrassing when you are building your "reputation" as the new education governor, who served under the old education governor, who is going to improve what? Reducing the high rate of students who don't graduate from high school? The education lottery that actually supports education, at a budget level the "educated budget writers" thought it would? Maybe Perdue should just run on being, "the Governor who strongly supports education".

Re: Purdoo four governer?

Know it's knot.

Re: Purdoo four governer?

Ouch. That's just a "littel" embarrassing.

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