Orr's fundraising

Bob Orr has raised more than $100,000 since January.

But he's also spent much of it on consulting fees and staff salaries, according to his most recent campaign finance report on the State Board of Elections Web site.

In his fundraising, the former Supreme Court justice has tapped a number of lawyers, including former Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, UNC-Chapel Hill law professor Ronald Link and prominent Cary attorney Brent Barringer.

Former state legislator Art Pope, who helped start the advocacy group where Orr used to work, gave $2,000, and his wife, Katherine, gave $3,000.

But Orr has also spent $79,500, including $25,000 to a Raleigh firm owned by E. Whitney Jones for advice on fundraising and $12,800 to Keyes Management of Asheboro.

That left him with $27,726 on hand at the end of the June reporting period.


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Re: Orr's fundraising

Orr's number alone makes this a two man race. He is done and should bow out now while he can still do it gracefully without embarassing himself.

If Smith and Graham have only raised $1 each, it still is a two man race. Orr needed to have at least $250,000 - 10 times what he has - on hand to have a chance to keep up with two guys that can fund their campaigns by writing checks for 5 to 10 million dollars.

If I remember correctly in 2004 nominee Ballantine had $500,000 + on hand at this point.

Re: Orr's fundraising

That's a terrible fundraising effort - terrible.

I would suspect Graham and Smith to be over $300k. Anything over $300k for Graham and Smith would make this a 2 person race for the nomination.

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