Net Round-Up: Civitas Poll

Bloggers had fun with a poll from Civitas on the state budget.

After we wrote on Under the Dome yesterday that the questions were loaded, Max Borders of the Civitas Institute spoke up in its defense on Red Clay Citizen:

If pollers don't provide some context, people can't offer informed answers. But if pollers do provide some context, the left accuses them of bias.

Speaking of the left, Rob Schofield on The Progressive Pulse took a sarcastic approach to the issue, imagining future poll questions:

In light of the fact that mass transit has been shown to be a part of an international plot to impose a collectivist, one-world government, do you support a plan to pave all of North Carolina east of I-95?


On Public Policy Polling, a blog loosely affiliated with Democratic polling firm, Justin Guillory wrote "it's hard to argue" with Dome that the wording was poor. In a comment, Blue South questions all Civitas polls:

The big question here, which some other people have already asked, is why the N & O continues to report on Civitas polls as if they are non-partisan and scientifically valid.

And finally, on Capital Beat, Greensboro News & Record reporter Mark Binker said that Civitas has done good polling in the past, but this one doesn't pass muster:

I'm not going to say that question is loaded, but would you mind pointing it away from me and flipping on the safety.

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