More on scholarships

ABC-11 has some details to the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus Foundation scholarships.

A story cites Winston-Salem State University's financial aid office as saying that Rep. Larry Womble's son, Jamaal, received $1,000 in 2005-06 and $500 in 2006-07 from the foundation, and Rep. Earline Parmon's granddaughter, Shalonda Ingram, received $1,000 in the 2005-06 year and $500 in 2006-07.


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Re: More on scholarships

Didn't Larry Womble recently buy a $175,000 car? And didn't Rep. Alma Adams say that all the scholarships given to legislators' relatives were "need-based" grants? How in the world does a guy who can afford a car that expensive get a need-based scholarship for his son?

Re: More on scholarships

yeah, we kicked michael decker out pretty quickly-but then again, didn't a Democrat play a pretty big part in his corruption as well?

We're looking at it

as anyone who bothered to check out our site would have discovered. Just like we were beating the drum early on about Jim Black and Thomas Wright.

Which raises this question: I wonder if Greenlamp or anyone from the Republican Party in North Carolina would ever threaten to do anything to that might clean up their own stinky messes?

Just sayin'.

Re: More on scholarships

I wonder if Anglico or anyone from BlueNC is going to threaten filing an ethics complaint against these guys and girls?

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