Miller genuine draft

An N.C. State grad has started a Web site to draft U.S. Rep. Brad Miller for a Senate run.

The Draft Brad Miller site features pro-Miller videos, links to blog posts and attacks on U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole's record in office.

It was started by Will Cubbison, a 21-year-old political science major from Raleigh who writes under the name Blue South on the liberal BlueNC and The Daily Kos blogs.

Cubbison said he only recently met Miller at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner and has no ties to the Raleigh Democrat's political staff.

If Miller runs, Cubbison said he isn't sure what will happen to the site. A controversy broke out earlier this year when U.S. Sen. Barack Obama took over a volunteer's MySpace page.

"It's one of those things I haven't thought too much about," Cubbison said. "If he decides to run, then I'll forward most of this stuff to his campaign and say here you go, have fun. Other than that, I'm not sure."


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Re: It's usually considered

Certainly if you discovered that sucha site was being run by Miller or a paid operative, I could see disclosing that, but if you discovered it was being run by a 22 year old college grad who might lose his job if his name is made public, would you really feel the public's need to know outweighed his right to pseudonymous political speech?

Re: Miller genuine draft

Will, it looks terrific. Great job. Keep it up.

Ryan, thank you for shining a little light on the Draft Brad Miller site.

Re: It's usually considered

Miss Manners, I ain't.

Seriously, I will write about bloggers from time to time and I intend to use their real names whenever possible.

The public has a right to know if a Draft Brad Miller Web site, for example, is being run by Miller himself, a recent college grad or whomever. 

— RTB 

It's usually considered bad manners

to out a blogger....maybe you didn't know that.

Brad Miller is the best fit imho, for the seat currently occupied by the Senior Senator allegedly from NC. We have been trying to collect actual proof at BlueNC of Dole's visits to the state. Sadly, there aren't very many we can come up with. Brad Miller doesn't need a map to the Old North State, he lives here, grew up here, was educated here and has served here.

I would be proud to not only vote for Brad Miller, but will be honored to actually have representation by him. Run Brad Run!

Re: Miller genuine draft

Good site Will. (or should I say Blue?)

With the money that Dole will have available, we will need a good candidate to run. Brad Miller is not only the kind of candidate we need but will become the kind of senator we need.

Re: Miller genuine draft

As a scientist, I think that my profession and the RTP could not ask for a better Senator. Not only does he believe in science, which will be a refreshing change from the Republican party representation, but he actively engages scientists. From chairing a subcommittee on science investigations to attending a science bloggers conference.

Wake up RTP, these things make a difference.

Re: Miller genuine draft

Oops. The post has been corrected.

Re: Miller genuine draft

Your link is to Brad Miller's official site.

The Draft Brad Miller site is available here

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