Innocent question

The Fayetteville Observer's "Live Wire" column is usually pretty pedestrian.

In recent weeks, columnist Catherine Pritchard has answered readers' questions such as: Are there any home schooling groups in town? How quickly do you have to roll in your trash can? and Where can I buy ethanol for my new car?

But a question from Saturday's column stands out:

Q: Who would you need to contact or how would you go about receiving a pardon from the governor? — A.K., Fayetteville

Good question, A.K. What a crazy week! M.N. in Raleigh and A.M. in Chapin, S.C., were wondering about the exact same thing. The answer is here. Don't get your hopes up, though, the guv's only given out four pardons so far!

Note to readers J.B. in Matthews; M.D. in Walkertown; and K.G. in St. Augustine, Fla.; we'll answer your questions about federal pardons next week. Keep reading!


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Re: Innocent question

Here is the constitutional provision:
Article III, Section 5
"(6) Clemency. The Governor may grant reprieves, commutations, and pardons, after conviction, for all offenses (except in cases of impeachment), upon such conditions as he may think proper, subject to regulations prescribed by law relative to the manner of applying for pardons. The terms reprieves, commutations, and pardons shall not include paroles."

You are correct, unlike the federal, the Governor may not act until conviction.

Re: Pardon before conviction?

It appears from here that the N.C. governor can't pardon until after a conviction and sentencing, though a sentence can be commuted or reduced.

Pardon - may be granted to those individuals who have maintained a good reputation in their community, following the completion of their sentence for a criminal offense. (Italics mine.)

That would be different from the federal level, as explained here

Pardons can take place before or after a criminal proceeding. 

— RTB 

Pardon before conviction?

Good point. Any lawyers out there?


Re: Innocent question


Re: Innocent question


Anyway, you can't pardon someone until they've been convicted, I believe.

— RTB 

Re: Innocent question


You forgot T.W. in Wilmington.

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