D.A.'s pay

Mike Nifong is now taking heat for costing other prosecutors funding.

At a press conference today, district attorneys from around the state said their needs are being disregarded in part because of the Durham D.A.'s handling of the Duke lacrosse case, Sarah Ovaska reports.

"There's 42 of us and it's unfair to tag us all," said Garry Frank, president of the N.C. Conference of District Attorneys.

The Senate budget would pay for 60 new assistant district attorneys, 80 legal assistants and 15 investigators. That could help with the 33 percent increase in felonies over the past decade, advocates said.

Nifong will go before the State Bar on ethics charges next month.


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Re: D.A.'s pay

Nifong was wrong, ethically and legally, for withholding evidence. It is good to see no cover-up from other DA's

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