Crossover rules

Gerry Cohen cleared up a few misconceptions about crossover.

In a post on his N.C. Bill Drafting blog, he wrote a few simple rules for understanding the legislative deadline that passed yesterday.

Essentially, Cohen writes that a bill may be resurrected later in the session if the sponsor can attach a tax, fee or spending to it by the time it passes the House or the Senate.

The biggest misconception? That there is a list somewhere of bills that have to pass by crossover.

Who would have time to make up such a list? Perhaps it is hidden in the Great Pumpkin?

Cohen would know. As director of bill drafting, he would be the one to draft it, so don't ask.


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Re: Crossover rules

I should be more precise, we have a list of the 402 House bills and 307 Senate bills that DID pass by crossover, those lists and other stats are on our website and linked from my blog at:

what people keep wanting is a list of all the bills that did NOT pass and that might be EXEMPT from crossover. That list is in the Great Pumpkin.

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