Bonds out

Jeanne Bonds is no longer working for ElectriCities.

The nonprofit, which advocates for municipal utilities, confirmed this afternoon that Bonds is no longer working as their legislative liaison, Andy Curliss reports.

Bonds was in the news last year for testifying before a grand jury investigating then Speaker of the House Jim Black.

She had hired Black's political director, Meredith Norris, to work for ElectriCities.

Norris was later found guilty of failing to register as a lobbyist while working for lottery vendor Scientific Games.

Bonds could not be reached for comment.


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Re: Bonds out

Some of the employees at Progress Energy have verified the salary stuff. Apparently someone been braggin bout his money and apparently fired Progress Energy people end up at ElectriCities and then we all get screwed on our rates to pay for them. There needs to be an investigation of the CEO and his activities and behavior. The salary is out of bounds with NC government and my legislator told me he agreed. Bloggers statewide are on the issue and a new group TAEC is on the move. Looks like we finally got some momentum to get something done.

Re: Bonds out

The CEO Jesse Tilton has an issue with women - two senior level women in 2003, 2007 and then a lawsuit in progress with another woman. Sounds like the $500,000 salary does not stop him from running up legal bills. Someone needs to put a stop to this. That is why we are forming Taxpayers Against ElectriCities and taking action.

Re: Bonds out


Re: Bonds

I agree. I am part of a large group of ratepayers in electric cities in the eastern part of the state where we cannot afford the electric rates - sometimes our electric bills are more than rent. We are gathering information and finding reckless spending is directly relevant to the cost of electricity. The problem is the "middle man" Electricities which costs us in our electric bills. See Letter in Rocky Mount paper below.

The CEO makes $500,000 a year - more than the UNC and NCSU Chancellors and Erskine Bowles. This is inconceivable. City managers in very large cities make now where near this much. The CEO has run up astronomical legal fees -$500,000 + a year for who knows what. We have been told he has an issue with women, hence Alice Garland in 2003 and then Jeannie Bonds in 2007, both leaving. Good for them - it is 2007 and no one should have to put up with that junk in America.

The CEO gave huge raises to people there - some got 15 and 20% pay raises in one year and BONUSES. They should get what cities get - 4-5%. This is unheard of. And this is what makes the electric rates so high.

The issue is the CEO and a Board who hires someone like this and keeps them. The truth will come out.

Rocky Mount Telegram October 2, 2007
Letter: Utility bills force store to close

By Tina Burgess

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Elias' Butcher Shoppe is the greatest thing to happen to Rocky Mount in the last year.
I am now heartbroken the only butcher shop in town is moving away.
The reason: Rocky Mount utility prices are too much for the growing business to handle.
I live in Nashville, but I have heard the horror stories of astronomical light bills in Rocky Mount. I don't know how families struggle with these giant bills every month.
Why can't Progress Energy come in and provide utilities outright instead of Rocky Mount buying it from them?
Because someone is making money by taking advantage of the residents of Rocky Mount.
That's why.
Tina Burgess

Re: Bonds out

For FFC1304, check your facts. Estherine Davis is the ElectriCities staff who knew Jim Black and Meredith Norris and recommended Meredith Norris as a contract lobbyist. She was all over them for years.

For bvmoore, you are just upset because you were fired by ElectriCities. By the way Jessie Tilton, the CEO, demanded it.

For the News and Observer, get your facts. Alice Garland left ElectriCities in 2003 and Jeanne Bonds in 2007. They were both effective and both held the same position. Seems to me the problem is the CEO Jessie Tilton who I hear makes more money than the President of the UNC System at a whopping $500,000 a year and spends taxpayer money like there is no tomorrow. Seems ElectriCities CEO is the common denominator in two senior level women leaving.

Re: Bonds out

Comment deleted because it was posted under false pretenses.

Re: Bonds out

I can't believe it took so long.

Re: Bonds out

Awhhhh...looks like Jeanne fell into the trap of the formerly controlling
power monger Jim Black...sometimes they FALL HARD! Strive to be smarter than a democrackkk!

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