Another candidate for governor

Dennis Nielsen, a retired Air Force colonel from Nashville, is running as a conservative Democrat for governor next year.

Nielsen said he is running on a platform on providing vouchers to allow parents to send their children to private schools, an end to cities’ power to force annexation and tougher enforcement of immigration laws, reports Rob Christensen.

Nielsen is also promising not to raise taxes and to end property taxes for the elderly who make less than $40,000 per year.

Nielsen said he will not try to compete financially with the millions of dollars in campaign contributions likely to be raised by Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue and state Treasurer Richard Moore.

But he said he offered an alternative to Perdue and Moore.

“I am the only conservative Democrat running,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen, a 59-year-old Iowa native, said he spent 35 years as fighter pilot living around the country. He retired to North Carolina in 2002.

He unsuccessfully ran as a Republican against Democratic state Sen. A.B. Swindell in 2004.

Nielsen said he decided to switch to the Democratic Party because he did not receive any help from the Republican Party when he challenged Swindell and because he thinks a Democrat is likely to be elected governor next year.


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Re: Another candidate for governor

The outright bias of the N&O shows up again today Dec 31st as they publish the names of the candidates for governor. They report there are two Democratic candidates Moore and Perdue but never mention my name. I have formed a committe and appear as a candidate in the Demcratic committee web site but the N&O has decided that they do not think I am a candidate.

We now see why the biased media continues to try and run our country, making decisions for the people who they think are not smart enough to make decisoons for themselves. This is what the Nazi's did in Germany by controlling the press now the liberials are trying it here.

You the public should be outraged even if you don't want to vote for me the paper has an obligation to report the news fairly and accurately, something the N&O does not do.

Colonel Dennis Nielsen

Re: Another candidate for governor

"Gee, I wonder why?"

I can tell you "why." I was told by the local Rep party committe that because I was not born and raised in NC they would not help me and they didn't.

"Help was offerred" Yes that is right a lot of very good people did help me. They walked to homes in the district, handed out literature at the polls and supported me in many ways. I can never thank these good people enough. But the Party offered no help at any time, never nothing. Because of these hard working people I was able to get 41% of the vote. I spent less than $5,000 while my opponent spent over $200,000. Many who spend much more had a worse showing.

"Nielsen couldn't understand why filing to run against A.B.Swindell didn't automatically open some secret Republican vault up here in Raleigh to pay for his campaign." The Rep party announced and had press releases that they were raising $1 million dollars to help new candidates win seats in the senate. You can check my campaign finance reports and you will see none of that money came to me. Where all this money went is still a secret. You are correct the "party" decides who they will give money to and mostly this is to their friends that are a part of the "good ol boy network." There is a reason why the senate, house and governor are all democrats and the Republican party has failed to even get conservative to vote for them. The Rep party needs to change their thinking or this trend will continue. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the defination of insanity.

I love politics because the remarks such as "dailing for dollars" is typical why the public is so turned off by politics. These personal attacks are something I believe the public is very tired of and probably why the voter turnout is so low. A few people in the party make the decision who will represent the people and the rest of the people are so apathetic they don't even vote. When they do vote many times they are voting against someone and not for anyone.

The statue is actually in Sioux City, just want you to be correct.

"There are some folks....who think the party is like a football league, that you can jump from one to another and back.....without people wondering about your loyality.." I was taught a long time ago by my grandfather that loyality and respect are earned and not given blindly like sheep following the herd. My loyality is to the PEOPLE of the state and not to any party. People will realaize this in the future when party's fail them time and time again. The Rep party showed me no respect and loyality.

You have also failed to state that I did run as a Dem in the primary in 2006 and the Dem party contacted me and told me if I won the primary they would help me. Contrast that to the Republican Party who wouldn't even return calls when I was their candidate in the general election. I was not one of the "good ol boys."

Your reference to Iowa is interesting and again a personal attack on the good people of Iowa. I have, in fact, lived in 9 other states. I went where my contry asked me to go as a member of the United States military. I don't claim to be brilliant but I have seen what has work in other states. I will bring what I have seen work in other that to the table, but your commnets and attempts to make us beleive that ANY state does it best is simply not true.

"We (the party) took him seriously against AB." The local party asked me to run against AB becasue they didn't have anyone else that would. Then after I did they offerd no support. They wouldn't even put my name, or the names of other candidates in the paper, telling the public who was running. Does that sound like a party one can trust?

Any references to my "talking" to the state Rep party would be in error as they have never talked with me.

Whether I am on the stage in the debates or not I am dedicated to helping the good people of NC. The race is for the people to decide, if they want someone who is like them and can best represent them I will win. If they want one of the other candidates who's main claim to fame is what particuliar state they came out of the womb then another will win.

I makes you wonder why they are so afraid to have me in the debates? Don't they trust the people to make up their own minds, evidently not!

If you support the Rep party then you better figure a way to win at least something, up till now that has not happened. The Rep party must be willing to support their candidates, even if they are not perfect, and find ways to be an inclusive party for those not born here or minorities, and not be the party of exclusion. The Dem party seems to be more open to those not born here and minorities.

I will put my values of trust, integrity and leadership up against any candidate Rep or Dem and win every time. I stand ready to help the good people of North Carolina.

Thank you for your comments.

Re: Another candidate for governor

No, I don't think I will get any help from the Dem party. I will get help from a lot of people who are tired of the same old tax and spend liberals who have not helped our state, Rep and/or Dem.

Re: Another candidate for governor

I support vouchers, private schools, home schooling, public schools; I believe a combination of these will best serve the people of NC. When a charter school in NC had 700 vacancies they had over 7,500 applicants. It is clear the "citizens" want choice on where to send their children to school and I support that choice.

Home schoolers saved the taxpayers $422 million in 2005, shouldn't we at least recognoize their contribution

I have never been afraid of a challenge and tilting at windmills with toothpick is just hard but not impossible. If I gave up because it was hard I wouldn't have been an Air Force fighter pilot.

Thank you for your comment

Re: Another candidate for governor

Well as I am a democrat and a public school teacher, his support for vouchers makes him really hard to consider, especially if that's one of his main issues.
And to be honest, he doesn't seem much like a candidate that democrats who vote in primaries will support.
Seems rather like tilting at a titanium windmill with a toothpick.

Re: Another candidate for governor

"...didn't get any help from the Republican Party..."

Gee, I wonder why?

My source tells me that's not entirely correct.

Help was offerred, help, I'm told, but "stubbornly" never could grasp the simple truth that Republicans, at least for the legislature in North Carolina, had considerably less help to give the year he ran for the Senate.

"Nielsen couldn't understand why filing to run against A.B. Swindell didn't automatically open some secret Republican vault up here in Raleigh to pay for his campaign."

"And my guess is both Partys here in North Carolina have the same really basic formula for prioritizing who gets a piece of their resources," he said.

"Demonstrate you can raise some money, any money. That's the best, tangible measure of authentic local interest. Maybe then you might be considered a real candidate worth more attention and even recommendations to people who really have money to donate."

"But for Colonel Neilsen, Dialing for dollars, even one day spent calling friends to demonstrate a minimum of willingness, was beyond understanding," and "he was incredulous to the point of near outrage when he was told about this. It was impossible for him to grasp."

Still, "he had an impressive First Affinity and resume."

"I think this is the guy who actually has a statue of himself in Cedar Rapids, at their airport. He was caught on camera running into the flames of that United Airlines crash-landing they made a movie about years ago, and that statue is from an award winning picture of him emerging from the flames with a mortaly wounded child in his arms."

This unwelcome phone call to my sleepy Republican friend, to get these quotes and confirm I was correct this was the same guy I remembered from the state Senate races, a couple of cycles ago, also yielded this gem:

"(the Democrats) can have him, and put him in the same room with 'Madam Justice,'"

This seems to have been a reference to Rachel Hunter, another former Republican with an personal bone to pick with the the North Carolina Republican Party, about "not being being taken seriously."

"There are some folks," my weary Republican said, before insisting on pulling the covers back over his head, "in every political movement, who think the Party is like a football league, that you can jump from one to another and back without people beginning to wonder about your loyalty, your stability of mind, shall we say?."

Not all of them are unsuccessful, I reminded him, citing former Rep. Zeno Edwards (D-R-D-Beaufort), and even Congressman Walter Jones.

"We took him seriously against A.B.," he said of a poorer Republican state Senate effort, six years ago, to find a challenger to Senator Swindell, but "even though he's a nice guy, and pretty smart, he just wouldn't believe we wouldn't just fall all over ourselves to immediately cut him a huge check, just because he filed. Maybe that's the way they do things in Iowa. I don't know."

"My guess," he said before hanging up and taking the phone off the hook, "is Nielsen expects to be on the stage with Beverly Purdue and Richard Moore during the debates.

"I don't think that's going to happen, and he's got a very long Email paper trail that won't be easy to explain to Chairman Meeks."

Re: Another candidate for governor

Did you say Iowa native? What if the Des Moines Register hears about this:

"Iowa Native Running For Governor of North Carolina"

Then Mr. Nielsen will have half the national press corps traipsing across North Carolina trying to find out who he is supporting in the presidential campaign scramble in the Iowa caucuses.

Re: Another candidate for governor

He didn't get any help from the Republican party, so he switched to the Democrats and is running against the two Golden candidates Moore and Perdue? Does he think he's going to get any help from the Democats?

If you are interested in N.C. politics, check out this survey I found out. I'll be curious to see the results.

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